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3 Battlefield Games Stopped For Sale! Here Are Those Games

3 Battlefield Games Stopped For Sale! Here Are Those Games

Battlefield , one of the most popular game series of EA Games , is updated periodically every year and new games are added to the series. We saw the latest Battlefield 2042 build being presented. Update support for the production, which is criticized by the players in general, continues. On the one hand, it also offers preparations for new games. However, in this process, we see that support for the old games of the series is slowly starting to end.

According to the latest statement made by EA, there will be a similar experience for the 3 popular games of the series. According to the news, the sale of 3 games of the series, which was very popular in the past, will be stopped. This means that games will take their place on the dusty shelves of history.

Which Battlefield Games Are On Sale?

According to the information given, we will see that the sales of Battlefield 1943, Bad Company and Bad Company 2 games have stopped. After April 28, 2023, it will not be possible to purchase these 3 games .

You will be able to purchase the games until this date. But there is also the point that towards the end of the year, the servers will be unplugged for all 3 games. After December 8, 2023, the servers will be closed and we will say goodbye to multiplayer modes in the games.

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