Announcement Date Revealed for GTA 6! Coming

Announcement Date Revealed for GTA 6! Coming

The question of when GTA 6 will be released is now old. Because although it has been officially announced that the game is being prepared, neither the introduction date of the game nor the release date of the game has been announced. But now the leaks have started to focus on the release date of the game.

If the latest leak is real, we’ll soon see all the official details for the production revealed.

Announcement for GTA 6 May Coming in May

According to the latest leak information, GTA 6 will be officially announced on May 17 and all the details for the game will be announced. According to the allegations, the roof company Take Two will also make its announcement for the new game during the investor call announcements.

Of course, there is no confirmation explanation for the leaks. On the other hand, there have been developments that will strengthen the leaks recently. Hip Hop Gamer shared a photo with Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick and made a statement stating that GTA 6 is a moment to always remember.

In this post, there was a post that revealed the perception that the preparations for the game were completed.

In short, we can say that the hourglass for GTA 6 is now inverted. We still do not know exactly when the game will be released or when the official announcement will come.

But what is certain is that the game is getting closer, step by step. If the last leak is correct and the details for the game are announced on May 17 , we can say that we need to prepare for the release of the production towards the end of the year.

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