Another Huge Sale to a Popular Game Series from Steam!

Another Huge Sale to a Popular Game Series from Steam!

Steam raises seem to be permanent. We started to witness the changes in the prices of the games from time to time. Moreover, the price hikes are very high. Raises up to 500% are made. A new example of this was valid for the Hello Neighbor series . The prices of the popular game series have increased by over 400%.

Let’s add how much a raise has come to which game as a table below, and then let’s move on to our comments.

How Much Have Hello Neighbor Prices Increased?

New and old prices after the Steam hike

Here are the new prices after the hikes. As we said at the beginning, it seems like price hikes are becoming a habit now. At the end of each discount period, game prices are updated with new figures.

Spring sale has just ended. After that, we also saw that new raises came to many games. Now it seems that it will be necessary to follow the discount periods in a better way. Especially in AAA productions, prices can reach even more remarkable levels.

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