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Arma Reforger: Update [03/23/23] Latest

Arma Reforger: Update [03/23/23] History of

game changes

  • Added: build direction indicator in free roam.
  • Changed: Optimized colliders on Sandbag_01_bunker.
  • Changed: Free Roam Building – New rank cap implementation
  • Changed: ready tripods + compositions in which they are used. Also assigned the correct animation schedules for tripods and changed the access to compartments.
  • Fixed: Fast regeneration of navigation mesh tiles could lead to wrong end result.
  • Fixed: Bulletproof infinite recursion of log areas.
  • Fixed: Closing a stream without adding a prerecord when the last frame has been acknowledged.
  • Fixed: Free Roam Building – Can’t place composition in water. Added more precise placement check
  • Fixed: Null instance pointer in “SetAIWaypoint” function.

Modding – Enfusion Blender Tools

  • Added: Automatic registration and import of TXA files during export.
  • Added: Support for importing structure prefabs into blender.
  • Fixed: Bug with importing materials that have space on the path.

Modding – General

  • Added: MpTest world version without game mode and any other prefabs that can be used by the community to test their custom game modes.

Visual effects update

  • Added: Particle FX light.
  • Added: Particles – ability to disable collision up to a certain distance
  • Added: Weapon body 3d particles.
  • Added: 3D debris and vehicle explosions.
  • Added: light to explosion
  • Added: lights up in a flash
  • Added: SCR_ParticleEmitter – CreateOriented(), CreateAsChildOriented() and CreateOrientedEx() methods.
  • Added: Particle interaction layer settings with collisions.
  • Added: Case for 762x39PS, corrected material.
  • Changed: Bullet shell impact, general decay curves.
  • Changed: Improved FX particle collisions.
  • Changed: SCR_ParticleEmitter – CreateWithTransformAsChild(), CreateWithTransformAsChildEx() and CreateAsChildEx() methods are deprecated.
  • Changed: default values ​​for particle/prefab material.
  • Changed: Particle editor – new emitter is always created with default material/prefab.
  • Changed: Disabled glare for light particles.
  • Tweaked: Particles of firearms
  • Tweaked: Muzzle smoke polish
  • Changed: Particle FX – ConeAngleMinDist and ConeAngleRndRange
  • Fixed: instability/oscillation/drift of almost static particles, sliding particles (oscillation and speed issues), added additional parameters to control the direction of rebound and sliding friction.
  • Fixed: Disabled some invalid combinations of particle settings Collisions for particles local-space-simulation, local-space for prefabricated particles (option not available in the editor, but it was loaded and used anyway).
  • Fixed: Particle FX – random distribution of radiation angle for ConeAngle.x
  • Fixed: Particle FX – radiation cone rendering for ConeAngle.x
  • Removed: PI split for ambient lighting.
  • Removed: Shrouds on car roof impact shaft.


  • Fixed: Linux DS crash when bleeding FX particles.
  • Fixed: Crash when displaying font.
  • Fixed: Render Crash – Loading a GM save with a character holding an RHS AN/PRC-152 radio.
  • Fixed: Crash when loading configs when many mods were enabled.


  • Fixed: flickering shadows



  • Fixed: Loading offline available add-ons, corrupted add-ons should not prevent the game from starting.
  • Fixed: Crash when opening the Workshop when you have a lot of mods.


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