Barotrauma: Summer Change Pack v1.0.20.1 is out now


Hi all!


The second batch of changes after the release of version 1.0 is already available! You’ll find an updated line of sight, a new Electrician’s Goggles item to help with wiring debugging, various fixes and improvements, including…

  • Fixed a bug where the anaparalyzer did not heal paralysis.
  • Additionally, AI and bot path marking were adjusted.
  • Events and missions with clowns and parasites will appear more frequently.
  • Category buttons have been added to the fabricator menu for easier searching.
  • Upgrades that require materials can now also be purchased using submarine materials.

You can read more about the changelog in our previous post , and the full changelog is listed below (in English only).

– Added “electrician’s glasses”, an item that visualizes power and signals on wires. It also makes the connections in the connection bar blink when they send/receive something, and lets you see what exactly is going on (amount of power, – Added “
debugwireing” console command, which enables the same visualization as the electrician’s goggles –
Oxygen tanks can be recycled
– Turning off the reactor does not automatically disable automatic control
– Allow monsters to damage flares and glow sticks.
– Jacob Subra needs to be escorted to the next location after he is rescued (it was strange that he just disappeared after the mission).
– Taking items from trash cans is no longer considered stealing.
– Sulfurite shards explode when thrown (causes an acid cloud that causes light burns).
– Adjusted music intensity ranges: now “intensity tracks” turn on later (i.e. they require a higher intensity situation), which means that “real songs” sound a little more often.
– Upgrades that require materials can be purchased with materials from the submarine instead of carrying them around.
– Events and missions with clowns and husks have become more common.
– Added category buttons to the manufacturer interface to make it easier to find items.
– Changed manufacturer’s “required skills” texts to be more clear: insufficient skills do not prevent you from crafting items.
– Hospital beds heal faster than normal beds.

– Fixed “hash mismatch” errors when posting a mod update after you’ve given it a different name in the Steam Workshop in the language your Steam interface is set to.
– Fixed a bug where publishing a mod update would always override the English description,
– Fixed navigation terminal sonar control panel disappearing when switching resolution or display mode if a mineral scanner is installed on the terminal.
– Fixed an issue where the Safe Steel Cabinet in Abandoned Outposts could be opened with a random Bandit ID and not a Bandit Leader Card as intended.
– A workaround for Sutman who can get stuck on a jailbreak mission if he can’t find the way to the sub (e.g. due to broken waypoints in the custom sub or outpost module): if he can’t find the way to the sub in 2 minutes, he will start following the player instead.
– Fixed some issues with z-fighting in various outpost modules.
– Fixed a bug that caused AA cannon projectiles to explode in loaders if there was a monster near the loader.
– Fixed Oxygen Tanks not being set to state 0 when exploding in a Welding Tool or Flamethrower.
– Fixed/Changed door seal welding not protecting the door from damage. Modding: A new “weldable” tag has been added to define targets that can be welded.
– Fixed a bug due to which the flamethrower damaged air duct blocks, unlike intended.
– Fixed a bug that caused harpoons to only reel when looking at a target.
– Fixed an issue where wires that are not connected to anything would not be copied (with Ctrl+Z or by dragging with Ctrl) in the sub-editor.
– Fixed the Hognose event being obtainable multiple times, potentially allowing you to recruit multiple Captain Hognoses.
– Fixed lights ignoring constant set_color signals after manually changing color.
– Fixed both biome gate locations sometimes being owned by the same faction (and tending to turn random locations into Coalition outposts on the map).
– Fixed a bug that caused the server log to stop updating after it had 800 messages.
– Fixed missions that take place in a more remote location on the map sometimes not unlocking when there was no suitable location.
– Fixed an issue where the 3rd part of the Honkmaterian Scriptures was not available anywhere.
– Fixed reappearance of tutorials after completing a campaign.
– Fixed the progressive stun visual effect and speed multiplier resetting abruptly when passing Affliction Strength 9.
– Fixed some special characters (BlockElements unicode range) not showing up on text displays.
– Fixed a bug that caused characters with husk symbiosis to turn into AI controlled husk when the host dies.
– Fixed an issue where rewards were not displayed in the round summary if the mission was not successfully completed (i.e. you couldn’t see the reward when you started the mission).
– Fixed deconstruction output of extended gene splicer.
– Fixed strange behavior when choosing a periscope controlled by a bot (the interface disappeared as if you were controlling a turret).
– Fixed an issue where the waypoint visibility checkbox was not selected when generating waypoints in the advanced editor, even though the waypoint generation includes their visibility.
– Fixed chaotic water movement in rooms with a lot of connected buildings (with strange spikes and water level jumps up and down).
– Corrects an anaparalysant that does not reduce paralysis.
– Fixed some Chinese characters not displaying correctly when the language is set to something other than Chinese.
– Adjusted fire particles to pass through walls less.
– Fixed a bug that prevented characters from falling through holes in the floor below them while they weren’t moving.
– Fixed characters twisting into weird positions if you grab them while they’re in bed.
– Various tutorial fixes: prevent the player from accessing other task areas in the role guide, fixed getting stuck if you enter the rightmost room (where the role tutorial starts) as an assistant, fixed bots sometimes wandering outside the start room .
– Fixed rare crash caused by null reference exception in Rope.Update.
– Fixed an issue where characters were allowed to aim their weapons in single player when they were incapacitated or in tatters. They couldn’t actually change the aiming position, but a crosshair appeared and the harpoon ropes could be prevented from breaking even if set to break when not aiming.
– Fixed some UI layout issues on ultra-wide resolutions. The UI is still not optimal for ultra-wide resolutions, but the biggest issues (such as a broken crew list) should already be fixed.
– Fixed negative heal suitability definitions not working correctly, affecting bot decisions and the list of eligible heals in the health UI to some extent.
– Fixed the minimum and maximum thresholds for the strength of periodic effects not working. Of the vanilla ailments, it affects paralysis, suphorin poisoning, and morbusine poisoning, causing them to trigger stun effects earlier than intended.
– Fixed dangling wire end sometimes being on the “wrong end” of the wire after copying objects or saving/reloading.
– Added the ability to disable “remote content” (update notifications, changelogs) in the main menu by adding RemoteContentUrl=”” to the player config file. We suspect that the freezes some players are experiencing when opening the main menu are related to content in the main menu being loaded from our server, and testing if disabling it fixes the issue will give us more clues to diagnose the issue. .


– Fixed a bug due to which “Medical Expertise” did not increase the effectiveness of the bandage.
– Fixed a bug due to which “Mud Fighter” did not affect unarmored or experienced Mudmen.
– Fixed an issue that caused monsters to not properly ignore characters with the “No Threat” talent.
– Fixed Moloch, Black Moloch, Crawler Broodmother and Giant Spineling not having enough inventory space for the extra loot provided by the Blood Business and Gene Harvester talents.
– Fixed a bug due to which the damage bonus from the Marksman talent was not applied to assault rifles.

Multiplayer fixes:
– Increased default pack limits. It seems the previous defaults were so low that you could get kicked in some situations due to “sending too many network messages” even if you do
n’t .
– Fixed an exploit that allows you to get new subs for free.
– Fixed submarine shop displaying client submarines instead of server submarines.
– Fixed a bug that caused Hangul (Korean characters) not to be included in the default allowed characters of the customer name.
– Fixed headset/radio channel reset between multiplayer rounds.
– Fixed a bug that caused clients to hear interference on the radio when someone near them was talking on a different channel.
– Fixed a bug that caused corrupted genetic materials in someone’s inventory to become uncorrupted when a new round started.
– Fixed local voice chat icon switching to radio icon (yellow to grey) at the end of a conversation when you release the “Push to Talk” button.
– Fixed truncation of server description after 22 lines.
– Fixed changing the name of a dedicated server using the text field in the server lobby without changing it in the server list.
– Fixed a bug that caused clients not to receive positional information for remote controlled turrets if the character controlling them is far away (>250m), which means you won’t see the turret moving if you look e.g. control a remotely controlled turret on a drone.
– Fixed a bug that caused mission minerals to appear with the wrong rotation (always face up) in multiplayer.
– Fixed not being able to unlock some achievements (such as “Nuclear Survivor”) in multiplayer.
– Fixed an issue where cursor positions would sometimes “get out of sync” when the cursor was very far away from the character (e.g. when controlling a long-range drone).
– Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes get stuck on the wrong side of a door on the client side and would not get fixed until the client moved in the opposite direction or opened the door.

Bot and AI fixes:
– Improved bot movement on stairs.
– Fixed an issue where bots would sometimes fail to release ladders when two ladders were close to each other.
– ClownDistrict_Colony_01: Fixed a bug where the stair waypoint was not connected to the stair, causing bots to get stuck.
– Adjusted the logic of generating waypoints on stairs. Fixed an issue where bots were sometimes unable to open hatches because they couldn’t get close enough to waypoints just below/above them.
– Medic bot AI improvements: They should now be better at detecting which injuries are minor enough to be ignored, allowing them to spend less medicine.
– Fixed an issue where NPC outposts that are supposed to stay in a certain room (e.g. outpost manager) would never return to the room if they left it, e.g. due to fire, flood, or because that someone attacked them.
– Fixed a bug that caused bots to pick up items that cannot be picked up (items that have CanBePicked disabled in the Pickable component settings).
– Fixed bots saying “Can’t reach [name]!” when they can’t reach the waiting target.
– Fixed bots taking off their wetsuits when they shouldn’t if ordered to wait using a contextual wait order. Should behave as if it were told to wait without using the context order.
– Fixed issues with bot doors being broken and welded (this is another bug that shouldn’t happen anymore).
– Fixed NPCs running towards doors if they somehow got onto another sub because they were incorrectly detecting access restrictions.
– Set Remora and Castrull drones, prison cells at outposts, and (auto-generated) hulls at docking ports as stay-avoid zones, making bots try not to idle there.
– Fixed waypoints for Typhon, R-29 and Camel.
– Fixed bots never leaving drones (or other connected subs) and not returning back to the main sub when idle (i.e. not giving them an order, not responding to an emergency, etc.) – Fixed bots
and NPCs that would sometimes twitch between two waypoints after reaching their target position.
– Fixed a bug due to which bots were not always able to open doors in lighthouses or shipwrecks when trying to return back to the main sub.
– Fixed an issue where the start and end nodes of vertical corridors in outposts were incorrectly connected, causing some path issues for bots.
– Fixed a bug that caused bots to control turrets firing at handcuffed enemies.
– Fixed defense bots attacking husk containers.
– Fixed a bug that caused monsters to never ignore targets they couldn’t damage. They should leave them after a while (depending on the initial priority).
– Fixed a bug that caused pets to become hostile to all people (except the owner) when they were attacked by a hostile person (like a bandit in an abandoned outpost).
– Possible fix (hard to reproduce) for issues where the bot runs to the door without being able to open it because they miss the nodes behind the door when it closes.
– Fixed an issue where NPCs and bots were sometimes unable to open a hatch because they couldn’t get close enough to skip the last node before the node connected to the hatch.
– Fixed incorrect linking of start and end waypoints in vertical corridor modules. The bots opened hatches too early.


– Fixed an issue where “hat sprite hair” (short hair that characters switch to when wearing a hat) was visible even though the entire head should be hidden by another wearable item. Not noticeable in vanilla game, but may affect some mods.
– Fixed a crash when trying to create a character without health options.
– Fixed submarines appearing docked at a random outpost docking port, even if one of them is marked as the main docking port. Does not affect vanilla content as there is only one docking port per outpost.
– Fixed a bug that caused the round not to end when docked with an outpost if the outpost module contains any associated submarines (elevators, drones, etc.).
– Fixed items with an absurd amount of health (over 38 numbers) causing the item to have infinite health, leading to various issues and crashes. Item health can no longer be set above a million. If you want an item that never degrades, use the Indestructible property instead.
– Autoinjection can be enabled for certain subcontainers (as opposed to having to autoinject an element inside itself).
– Fixed a bug that prevented bots from using diving equipment that fits in the InnerClothes slot. Doesn’t affect any vanilla content because all diving gear goes into the OuterClothes slot.
– Items’ FireProof and WaterProof properties can be changed with status effects.
– Fixed a bug that caused the SimplePhysicsEnabled of monsters to remain enabled when the client took control of it.


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