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Contagion: Update [24.03.23]

Contagion: Update [24.03.23]


  • Added cp_passenger
  • Added new hook AS ” HookReturnCode OnPlayerDamagedPre(CTerrorPlayer@ pPlayer, CTakeDamageInfo &in DamageInfo) []” which should fix the issue where you can’t block certain objects from damaging the player etc.


  • Updated the group UI so it will no longer attempt to draw/show/notify members who cannot join the group when set to Invite Only or Friends Only (when not in your friends list or set to ignored) ).
  • Updated panic mapcycle
  • Updated
  • Updated (guns plugin)
  • Updated ce_laststop_04.
    • Fixed an issue that caused player clips to not be the correct brush object (for the bolt cutter and torch section).
    • Added clips to rooftops to prevent players from jumping out of playspace.
  • Updated ce_laststop_05b.
    • Added particles for gas area
    • Added a ramp at the beginning (leading to the door)
    • Added pipes so zombies can climb in the drop down menu.
    • Added offset near sewer exit (big pipe with red arrow)
    • Adjusted and added small details
    • Exploit fixed
    • Updated escape zone.
  • Updated MaterialSystem.dll to no longer complain about cubemap material warnings unless you include the new mat_varwarning cvar.
  • Updated Survivor AI reaction times to Psychos so they no longer need to touch the player with a single touch when spotting them. With hope.
  • Updated Psychic Entities to die from headshots and are no longer bullet sponges in the lead strike group.
  • Updated intercom buttons (no more small screen glitches, thanks Shepard!)
  • Updated cp_roanokepd



  • Fixed an issue where the host game section was not saving your settings.
  • Fixed reading VGUI of a dedicated server from the wrong folder.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the campaign mode zombie player to try to show off their dominance with T-pose and where ammo supply to walk
  • Fixed typing “rcon sv_cheats 1” or 0 causing all players to be kicked out.
  • Fixed “reset_ironsighttoggle” error on console.
  • Fixed an exploit that caused the campaign mode to not remember if you cheated on the previous map. Now it will be remembered for the entire session until you start the campaign again.
  • Fixed an issue where reading non-existent attachments would cause the game to crash. (from safe areas)
  • Fixed an issue where transferring items could cause a server crash if they were not pre-cached in the next level. (aka, you somehow managed to transfer an item from one map to another through a level change)


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