Core Keeper: Update 0.6.1



  • Changed how cooked food is stored in save files. Existing save files will be converted on first load. After that, they will not be compatible with previous versions of the game.
  • Several performance improvements to the water distribution system. In particular, this should significantly reduce loading times for worlds that have explored large areas of the Sunken Sea biome.
  • Cattle are no longer affected by aura effects such as Malouga’s Burning Set bonus, and summoned creatures such as the Ghost Scientist dismounting from a Ghost Spark will no longer attack cattle.
  • Update the README for the dedicated server with missing information after previous updates.
  • The dedicated server will now parse human-readable values ​​as well as corresponding integer values ​​to set the world mode and time of year. So instead of setting -season 1 or -worldmode 1 you can also use -season Easter and -worldmode Hard.
  • Attempting to load save files created using the latest version of the game into earlier incompatible versions of the game will now result in an error message prompting the player to install the new update.
  • The maximum object ID for ingredients used in cooked food has been increased from 10,000 to 65,535. In particular, it now supports the 32,768-65,535 range reserved for items added by mods.
  • Enemies that spawn in groups chasing players will no longer destroy objects in their path while chasing the player.
  • Fixed translation issues in the descriptions of some weapons and pets.
  • Procedural generation of new terrain is now spread over multiple frames. This, along with some other performance improvements, should greatly reduce stuttering when exploring new parts of the world.
  • Update Sentry SDK version to 1.2.0. Used for error and crash reporting.
  • Avoid calling a Steam feature that can cause severe delays for some players.
  • The game will avoid spam log messages due to unknown objects.
  • Allow expansion of the version string used to detect version mismatches with the -versionsuffix launch option followed by the suffix to use.
  • Enemies that accidentally land on a tile they cannot stand on are now removed after a short delay.

Error correction:

  • Creatures such as cattle, critters and enemies should no longer run over fences and other blocking objects.
  • Fixed an issue where murals that could be opened would sometimes prevent the player from digging and placing ground blocks around the murals when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed an issue where pets could damage cattle.
  • Maggots will no longer die when they get close to a fence.
  • Caving skirmishers will no longer dodge quickly from side to side if they temporarily lose line of sight of their target.
  • Fixed eyes glowing red again for some caver types that had black eyes.
  • Playing certain tunes on instruments no longer causes the player to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sticky Toy pet talent increased the movement speed of enemies instead of slowing them down. The amount slowed by the talent and the junior orange slime has also been rebalanced a bit.
  • Fixed an issue where entries could be incorrectly overwritten or duplicated in the previously joined servers dropdown menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused pets to disappear after pausing the game when the pet was running towards its owner.
  • Fixed keys that open UI elements such as the map not being disabled when naming pets.
  • Fixed a minor grammatical error in the description of Omoroth’s Necklace.

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