Crusader Kings 3: Update 1.9.2



  • Reduced aggressiveness of House Feud AI family members starting schemes against a rival house.


  • Accolade attribute tooltip now shows first and last rank for better understanding
  • Accolade Rank progress bar now separates modifiers by attribute name.
  • Accolade’s attributes now show what type of Men-at-Arms it will (eventually) unlock.
  • Generating Honors now shows which non-knighted court members or visiting guests are available and allows you to recruit them locally.
  • Added a list of reward attributes when hiring for a reward.
  • Characters with long names will no longer press the “Recover” or “Destroy” buttons for rewards. No tables Jimmy Throw.
  • The Activity Intent selection now offers a standard selection of search/sort filters.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the current situation button to disappear after closing the barbershop.
  • The UI now jumps to the newly created reward upon creation.
  • Added a warning about using the Men-At-Arms Accolade attribute as a secondary attribute.
  • You can now swap the attributes of rewards when creating a reward.
  • Added a tournament background for viewing characters attending tournaments.

Custom modding

  • You can now ignore interaction receiver cooldowns for players.

Error correction

  • AI marriage proposals no longer prevent players from wooing their courtiers.
  • The changed crest will now properly apply its new texture.
  • Characters will no longer inherit the cooldown for assigning diarchs.
  • Correct display of the availability of achievements in the line designer.
  • The Imperial sub-kingdom capital tooltip now displays the corresponding kingdom name.
  • Fix OOS when macOS (and possibly Linux) client AI was not interacting with the white world.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurs when viewing the GUI of a successful action.
  • Fixed an issue where the Harm event target rules were not applied properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Hunting” event “Beautiful Specimen” would not generate a hare artifact if you do not have the “Royal Court” DLC.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when expanding a dynasty tree.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some interfaces to break after the player died.
  • Fixed blocking activity from starting forever if you joined a war while meditating.
  • Fixed a crash when characters without a current valid location try to exit their location.
  • Fixed a lot of occult nerds using Playdates as witch recruitment centers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the event pools for the Swell Armies and Promote Authority Regency mandates to be swapped.
  • Fixed events that added challenge points even if you didn’t compete, and removed overall health requirements for challenges in favor of explicit type-based trait checks.
  • Fixed the hunt to kill event triggering when you have no kill intent
  • Fixed location and portrait issues in the untimely death hunt cancel event.
  • Fixed being able to opt out of a competition in the Family Friendly event not actually taking you out of the competition.
  • Fixed options for opting out of competitions to allow you to still participate in tournaments.
  • Fixed a rare crash when loading into the title screen if one or more savegames has a particularly large coat of arms.
  • Fixed definition name PLAYER_ACTIVITY_INVITE_GRACE_TIME so that the game uses it correctly.
  • Fixed your gamekeepers refusing to send you hunting legendary animals you’ve heard rumors about.
  • Prisoners who landed and had their last title revoked will no longer change their location away from their place of detention.
  • Accolade bonuses from council of marshal missions are now much rarer.
  • The Bulk Buyback button will no longer generously demand Hooks if the prisoners don’t have the money.
  • Doctors nominated by the Search decision should now have more abilities.
  • You can no longer designate any guest as a special guest when clicking the “Other Guests” button when scheduling an event.
  • Fixed the “Tent Camp: Stealing a Moment” event not being triggered during a tournament.
  • Fixed an issue where African swords were used instead of the African sword in court but not in duels.
  • Fixed an issue where the court physician could not assist you in Journey: Danger: Under the Weather even if they were traveling with you.
  • Fixed an issue where Cannibal Feast was possible without Cannibal guests.
  • Fixed missing effect descriptions in activity log entries for French, German, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish versions of the game.
  • Positioning the Body Guard will no longer display safety and speed as it doesn’t affect either.
  • Donating Gold Activity Pulse at a Pilgrimage Site will no longer give you more gold instead of taking it.
  • The Journey Danger event “Bad Food” will now correctly count if you have good survival traits in the area you are trying to get food from. These checks existed but didn’t change the actual result before
  • Changed the Travel Danger “Flawed Fare” event to reduce the risk of a catastrophic outcome and use the most trainable character in the environment for training. The overall danger in this event is now also more dependent on what terrain you are in.
  • By befriending people while hunting, they become friends, not lovers.
  • Fixed opinion growth in A Foreign Treat
  • Fixed incorrect location in Commemorative View.
  • The wild child will no longer loiter around instead of returning to nature.
  • Fixed a bug due to which custom faiths did not receive the chapter of faith.
  • Fixed a pilgrimage event that could grant adult wards.
  • Only Muslims can now use the Imam Ali Mosque
  • Catharism can now be reformed to retain Reincarnation.
  • Characters that have joined your journey through the travel options now leave your court when the journey is completed.
  • Fully Localized Magic Metallurgy
  • Coastal Warriors are finally safer in coastal sea travel
  • Suspicion Opinion now stacks
  • No more double fear of the chance to start over
  • Fixed an issue that caused some millennials to refuse to wear anything other than dirty rags.


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