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CS:GO Logo Changed! Coming Coming

CS:GO Logo Changed! Coming Coming

CS:GO has been on the agenda for a long time. Actually, it’s been a long time since the game’s release. Of course, its loyal audience never left the game. However, we see that the game is now on the agenda in a different way. This time, CS: GO 2 sounds began to be heard.

For Source 2, which came to the fore with the “exe” files in NVIDIA’s new driver for the first time, many new leaks came to the fore.

We even mentioned that Valve received registrations for the new game update last week. Now, there has been a development that confirms all these leaks. The logo that has been used for years has changed.

CS:GO Twitter Cover Photo Changed

While claims for a new game or big game update were on the agenda, Valve changed the game logo on the CS:GO Twitter account .

We can say that the silent change has also strengthened the giant update claims. When we look at the logo, there are no additional details pointing to the update or hinting at the changes in the game.

However, just while these allegations were being talked about, the fact that such a change was made, of course, brought to mind the interpretation of the preparation of the new game.

It is still unclear when the big update will be announced. Yes, there is an expectation for CS:GO 2 , but there is still no official statement about the Source 2 update .

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