Dead Island 2 best weapons


Without weird weapons, this wouldn’t be a Dead Island game. And fortunately, Dambuster did not disappoint. Because Dead Island 2 includes some insanely original melee and ranged weapons. Capturing them is also usually easy and does not require much effort. But which ones are the best? Now, in our Dead Island 2 best weapons post, we’ll talk about the best melee and ranged weapons. In fact, without further ado, let’s get into the details.


Dead Island 2 best weapons – ranged and melee weapons

  1. Bo Staff
  2. Brass Knuckles
  3. Emma’s Wrath
  4. wildstyle
  5. Contagious Weapons
  6. Big Shot
  7. revolvers
  8. Electrified Officer’s Sword


Reasons for our Dead Island 2 best guns picks

Now, let’s talk about why we made these choices.

Bo Staff

Let’s start with the first gun in our list of Dead Island 2 best guns. Bo Staff is the game’s most powerful weapon type. These razor-sharp and precise weapons can be used continuously with side strikes and spammy blows that can completely destroy a zombie. They also deliver a sharp, deadly punch.

They come with some exciting animations throughout the game, allowing you to constantly expand your collection and give them additional mods and benefits. They should be a very important component of your arsenal.

Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles is a melee weapon like the previous one. Nothing is more enjoyable than tearing the flesh of a zombie with these. If you do elemental damage to them, you can have more fun than any other weapon in the game. They are the fastest weapons in the game, but due to their large, wide sweep they don’t suffer the way some knives do.


Emma’s Wrath

A key item on our list of Dead Island 2 best weapons is Emma’s Wrath. Emma’s Wrath is a large, bulldozer-like sledgehammer that can be unlocked after finishing the story. It is one of the first legendary weapons you can acquire throughout the main story, and has a significant chance of throwing out zombies due to its strength and trauma bonuses. When you counter or skull stomp, the gun even has a mini shotgun fire thanks to the Overkill perk. Although it doesn’t take much effort to obtain, you shouldn’t underestimate the potential of Emma’s Wrath.


The ‘The Art of War’ side quest is where you can get this fireman’s ax. It’s one of the coolest weapons in the game, with the power to completely shut off flames and choke points and eliminate swarms of enemies. With this functionality you won’t have to worry about shaking it too much or repairing it either. Because you can let the burning do its job.

Contagious Weapons

Among the best weapons in Dead Island 2, this time there is not a single weapon, but a category. Contagious Weapons are very useful even if they are not a weapon type in their own right. Thanks to this advantage, elemental effects can spread among zombies, inflicting free waves of damage to your enemies. This feature in any weapon can be an excellent way to save some of your money, as ammo and stamina are both valuable resources. Gaining this trait is also fairly simple, as only 100 heavy attack hits are required.


Big Shot

The Big Shot is unlike anything else in the game, just like Emma’s Wrath. This flare gun is loaded with arson abilities that, when fired in groups of three, detonate, cleaning all rooms, hallways and confined spaces with a powerful explosion. Big Shot, which can be unlocked with the “It’s Not Your Fault” side quest, is useful when you need to clear a passage or escape a crowd of people. It’s not that great in terms of overall damage against bosses and Apex zombies. But there aren’t many options that are better for crowd control.


Revolver is another good option. Bosses and Apex Dead Island 2 can be very powerful and significant damage dealers for zombie types, especially later in the game. While they are less powerful than the aforementioned legendary, one-of-a-kind weapons like the Big Shot, they are still worth paying attention to when exploring. You never know when you might need a weapon with slightly more range and accuracy than a melee weapon can provide.

Electrified Officer’s Sword

The Electrified Officer’s Sword Dead Island 2 is the last of our best weapons list. Unlockable in the Beverly Hills quest “The Clean And Snatch”, this weapon is a great early-stage pick. Dead Island 2’s swords are pretty strong overall, and your elemental damage in the early game will mostly be limited to lightning, which opens up some great combos with the game’s Curveballs and lots of water. It’s a solid option for mid-game, but doesn’t hold up that well later on.

What would you recommend apart from the best guns in Dead Island 2?

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