Epic Games Free Games of the Week: Mordhau and Second Extinction!

Epic Games Free Games of the Week: Mordhau and Second Extinction!

Epic Games, which is used to offering two games for free every week, did not break its tradition this week and opened two games for free. The games that the company gave for free this week were Mordhau and Second Extinction .

Of course, players need to be quick and add the games to their accounts within the specified time. Let’s go into details and talk about free games.

What Kind of Game Is Mordhau? How Long Is It Free?

Mordhau, a multiplayer-oriented game, is one of the productions set in the medieval period in ancient times. You create your own mercenaries and fight in wars. Let’s add that there are many modes such as fast fighting mode, cavalry raids, castle sieges. In general, we can say that it is a fun and competitive game.

Let’s add that the standard version price of the game is 229 TL . Within the scope of the discount campaign, you will be able to get the production free of charge until April 20, 2023 . Let’s add the link here .

Second Extinction is an interesting first-person shooter. In the online-oriented game, you fight against giant dinosaurs with huge weapons on a huge map. Since the difficulty level of the production is constantly changing, the action is not missing. Let’s add that the production, whose normal price is 40 TL, is free until April 20, 2023 . Here I leave the page of the game.

Epic Games games of the week thus emerged. Apart from Mordhau and Second Extinction, two more games will be given next week. Let’s say see you next week again.

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