Expedition Agartha Update

  • First pass into the new player skill rating system
  • Bot difficulty can now change depending on the skill rating of their opponents.
  • Bots will prioritize players with better skills and equipment.
  • The Hungry and Starving debuffs now reduce attack speed and base damage instead of stamina and health.
  • Durability no longer affects attack speed
  • Containers that have already been touched are now displayed (already open)
  • Zombies in the early game now take 50% more critical damage.
  • All Zombies, Draugrs, and Corrupted Zombies now take 50% more projectile damage.
  • Changed the spawn algorithm to prevent rare cases where non-allied players spawn together.
  • Added animated hit markers
  • Gold stack size increased to 999,999
  • Filibuster Equipment now has a guaranteed 2 Bandage, 1 Splint, and 1 Jerky.
  • Vigorous Blood now drops based on the new skill rating system, and /kdr now displays your skill rating.
  • Nutrition stats added to stats page (hunger value)
  • Significantly increased the price of alcoholic drinks, and they now also add +10 fullness.
  • More speculative fixes to prevent players from being locked out of games after dying/improperly ejected due to a mysterious save failure.
  • Speculative fix to prevent chests from rarely receiving more than one key.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the head to look incorrectly during emotes\
  • Fixed an issue where the attack speed of some shields was still being reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where instantly moving consumables from stash to inventory with a full consumable bar would not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the inventory would not update after looting a self-destructing container.
  • Fixed an issue where the drop item icon would appear when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed possible server crash
  • Fixed an animation bug when kicking with two hands.


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