GeForce Now Brings Monthly Play Limits to Gamers in Turkey

GeForce Now continues its service in our country under the name Game+ . The last reason for the service to come to the agenda was the hikes announced last month. It has been announced that both short-term accounts and long-term accounts have increased. Now, another interesting development has occurred. GeForce Now announced that this time it has brought a monthly playing limit for users in Turkey.

According to the development through the mail, we will see that the monthly playing limit is offered for all Premium accounts in the next stage.

Monthly Play Limit for GeForce Now

After the new regulation, 1-month, 3-month and 6-month Premium packages will have a monthly playing time of 200 hours .

200 hours of playtime means 6-7 hours of playtime per day will be offered. Of course, there will be those who wonder why such a decision was made.

It is stated that the reason behind the decision was abuse. Such a decision has been made because it has been determined that there are inappropriate uses that will adversely affect the game control and service capacity of premium accounts. We will see how this decision will be received by the players.

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