Ghostlore Update 0.741

  • Significant performance improvements, especially for large maps.
  • Fixed an issue where old portals would not close properly resulting in old inaccessible maps not being removed.
  • All food recipes now have one fixed affix in addition to their current affixes (the rarity roll has been slightly reduced to compensate).
  • Changes have been made to food ingredient drop rates and some recipe requirements.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Hellgates to subtract coins instead of Hellnotes.
  • Improved WASD and controller movement for high speed characters.
  • Slightly reduced the minion modifier for the Exorcist, increased the evasion rate to compensate.
  • Shadow clones no longer cause hit stop (which caused the game to freeze slightly).
  • Fixed extra damage from base attack as elemental mods weren’t working.
  • Holding down the Alt key now displays the minimum and maximum rolls of item modifiers.
  • More new BGMs for alternative lightmaps.


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