How Do We Participate in the Counter Strike 2 Limited Test?

How Do We Participate in the Counter Strike 2 Limited Test?

Counter Strike 2 has been officially announced after news of major leaks. As expected, Valve has announced that it will release the new version as a major update. The new version will be available for all users in the summer of 2023. In this process, we will see that the game is tested with limited users. So how do we participate in the Counter Strike 2 limited test ? Is there anything we can do about it?

Join the Counter Strike 2 Limited Test

If we look at the statements made by Valve, users do not have much to do in this regard. Valve did not open any registration form or registration page for players. For limited testing, users will be selected by Valve.

Here, Valve will select key players based on game time, trust factor, and Steam account registry and send invites for the new release. If you have been selected for the limited test version of Counter Strike 2 , then you will receive a notification in the main menu of the game and you will need to register via invitation.

Also take into account that you will receive a discount for the new game after registration. The file size has not been disclosed, but we could likely see higher file sizes for the Counter Strike 2 update .

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