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Marvel’s Avengers developer will test a secret game

Marvel's Avengers developer will test a secret game

Players are invited to play and test the new game from Crystal Dynamics, the developer of Marvel’s Avengers and other games including Tomb Raider games. But there is a problem: participants do not yet know what the new game is. While there’s currently nothing that clearly points to any IP as to what this new game might be, some people are speculating that this could be linked to a potential revival of the Legacy of Kain series, which hasn’t had a new game in years.

Marvel’s Avengers developer didn’t reveal the secret game

When subscribers to Crystal Dynamics communications received emails inviting them to take a game test, news of this largely hidden game test began to arrive in people’s inboxes. These tests will take place from May 3 to May 12, according to PCGamesN . Anyone can join as long as they have a webcam, microphone, PC or Mac, and Microsoft Teams. Crystal Dynamics confirmed to the publication that game testing will definitely take place on that date. But they didn’t say what the playtest would be for.

The information that this may be related to Legacy of Kain comes from a survey that Crystal Dynamics distributed last year to determine interest in the series. Legacy of Kain: Defiance, the last game in the vampire series, was released in 2003. The intellectual property previously owned by Square Enix but not used by that company to publish any games is currently owned by the Embracer Group.

Of course, completing the survey alone is not a surefire way to take the test. However, there are those who say they completed the survey last year and then now get an invite to this playtest. Given the privacy around it, whatever this gaming test is for is probably covered by some kind of non-disclosure agreement. If that’s the case, it’s highly unlikely that any information about the game will be made public unless someone decides to leak something. That’s all we know about Marvel’s Avengers developer and testing the stealth game. However, there are many more articles waiting for you on our site. Now, we will leave you alone with our other articles.

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