Microsoft canceled Redfall for PS5; Offline mode planned

Microsoft canceled Redfall for PS5; Offline mode planned


Redfall may be getting an offline mode, but the PlayStation 5 version was buried by Microsoft meddling.

Two interesting pieces of news about the next Arkane game have surfaced online. First, it’s a confirmation that Redfall’s developers are working on making it possible for players to play offline.

Information provided by Eurogamer in an interview with Harvey Smith, director of Redfall. The creator assured that the studio took the negative reaction of the fans to heart and is aware of the potential problems that players may have with the need to constantly connect to the Internet during the game.

Therefore, the Arkane Studios team is investigating whether there is a way to make it possible to play Redfall offline. Smith could not promise anything, but assured that the developers are actively working on it.

Redfall on PS5 was in the pipeline

The second issue that came up today is that of the PlayStation 5 version of Redfall, which is said to have been canceled following Bethesda’s (Arkane owner) acquisition by Microsoft. Here, too, the source is Harvey Smith, who mentioned it in an interview with IGN France .

According to the director, immediately after the takeover by the Redmond giant, Arkane Studios employees were told to focus on the PC version, XSX / S and Game Pass, and not on the PlayStation 5. He did not specify at what stage the Redfall edition for the Playstation is, but apparently , Sony just had another reason not to trust Microsoft.

Interestingly, Smith called this a smart decision, since the abandonment of one other platform made life a little easier for developers. The developer also believes that with Game Pass, Redfall could be the biggest game in the studio’s history when it debuts on May 2.

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