Midnight Ghost Hunt Update 0.2.1


Patch Notes

  • Temporarily disabled host migration
    • We know it’s not perfect, however we’re pretty sure we know what went wrong with the host migration, we just need a little more time to fix it.
  • Fixed issue with file compression settings
    • This means that this patch will be another full game download, however all of our future patches/updates should be much smaller going forward.
  • Fixed achievement titles not unlocking in EGS.
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial tooltip would not appear in EGS.
  • Added additional account binding logging to track the “Already existing account found” cycle.
    • Added more logs for the very rare case where player levels reset during this cycle.
  • Added more emote messages that are not unlocked 100% of the time in EGS.
  • Various mesh and texture optimizations
  • Minor other bug/collision fixes

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