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NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update March 30, 2023

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update March 30, 2023


Dear players,

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT servers will be suspended for maintenance from 02:00 to 06:00 on March 30, 2023 (UTC). We recommend that you exit the game in advance and return after the maintenance.


New Content

I. New Event: “Project Illum 2674”
Event Validity: March 30th Post-Update (UTC) – April 26th 11:00 PM (UTC
) himself the whole Astra. What is the future of our world?
1. During the event, go to the Club in Astra to accept tasks and get energy cubes. Each day, 8 tasks are available, of which 3 can be accepted.
2. Collect energy cubes to get event rewards and open the event story “Project Illum 2674”.
3. Quests will be unavailable after the event ends. But you can open the plot of the story using the energy cubes you have already received.

Hero Changes
I. Akos Hu
1. Jumping and double jumping while using [Furious Frenzy] and [Frantic Frenzy: Grab] Supers become Tiger Leap. You no longer need to run to perform a Tiger Leap. The maximum height of Tiger Leap has also been increased.
2. Improved Tiger Leap moves.
3. Changed the horizontal strike in the air during the Tiger Leap. He can now interrupt the attacks of enemies with the “Tiger Leap” status
4. Increased the area of ​​effect of 3 consecutive hits with Tiger Rage when Akos uses [Furious Frenzy] Super.
5. Jumping with purple focus no longer activates the stone form of the two-handed sword.
//Design Note: Prior to these changes, Akos needed to enter a running state to perform Tiger Leap, and double jumping canceled it. This led to the fact that the actions of Akos Hu in battle were significantly limited. We want him to have no such restrictions, and so that he can show the true power of the Rebel Claw. In the future, we will continue to monitor Akos and the gaming experience associated with him.

II. Justina Gu
1. [Frost Wrath] and [Frost Wrath: Blizzard] duration increased from 20s to 20s. up to 30 s.
2. In Duo modes, after using [Frost Wrath], [Shadow Crash] attempts have been reduced from 4 to 3.
3. After using [Frost Wrath: Frost Wind], the cooldown of Fury in combat or via cooldown has been reduced from 8s. up to 2 s.

III. Wu Chen
1. The special effect of successfully teleporting after using [Tai Chi Split] has been increased in size.
//Design Note: Wu Chen’s Super [Tai Chi Split] now allows his team to make more mistakes without consequences, which is quite important in high-ranked matches. Because of this, the fight slows down, and the fights stretch out in time. Now, when Wu Chen uses [Tai Chi Split] on level ground, the opponents will be able to notice the teleportation more easily, and this will speed up the pace of the battle.

IV. Walda Tsui
1. Water spear of [Nightmare of the Void] and vertical strike of the water spear of [Nightmare of the Void: Fetters] can now stun Vajra, All Might General and Bronze Mech in any status. In doing so:
(1) Water Spear of [Nightmare of the Void] will greatly stun the enemy.
(2) The vertical strike with the water spear of [Nightmare of the Void: Fetters] will slightly stun the enemy.

V. Takeda Nobutada
1. [Hand-to-Hand Grab: Throw] no longer takes away the enemy’s weapon, and the damage multiplier has been reduced from 2.4 to 1.4.
2. The damage of [Demonic Aid]’s Super Aerial Strike damage was reduced by 40%.
3. Increased the stagger effect of [Demonic Aid: Teleport] Super when affected by Vajra, All Might General, and Bronze Mech.
4. Reduced the damage of [Demonic Aid: Consume] Super’s Demonic Strike. The damage to health conversion rate has been increased, and the amount of health restored by Demonic Strike has not changed.

VI. Yueshan
Activation and completion of [Crusher: Ambition] has been accelerated, and the jump height has been reduced.
Weapon Changes
I. Glaive
1. Slightly reduced the time it takes to successfully charge a vertical strike.
2. Increased dash range for horizontal strike while running, damage multiplier reduced from 2.59 to 2.17.

Combat Changes
I. Sliding down slopes now slides faster and longer.

II. While stunned, you cannot pick up items or change weapons.

III. Added a “collision” mechanism for explosive ranged attacks. Here are his rules:
1. When explosive ranged attacks from different teams hit each other, they explode and apply the corresponding effects to nearby enemies.
2. Only explosive ranged attacks of the same group will activate this effect when they hit each other. Now they are grouped as follows:
Group 1: Jade “Explosive Arrow”;
Group 2: Jade “Awakening”;
Group 3: Cannon and her soul jade;
Group 4: Swarm and Feria Shen’s Bronze Mech shot;
Group 5: Ballista and Feria Shen’s Bronze Mech Cannon Shot;
Group 6: Walda Cui’s water spear attacks from any kind of super ability;
Group 7: [Inner Fire: Bright Flame] Tarki Ji.
Gameplay Changes
I. In Game
1. In Carnage mode, dropped items will disappear automatically if no one picks them up within 2 minutes.
2. In Trial of the Herald, Quick Play, Bot Mode, and Shadow Splash, an arrow pointer has been added to the line indicating the distance between the character and Shadow Corruption.

II. Group Creation Violations Detection
1. We use an AI system that detects group formation violations more accurately and faster.
2. Players who team up in violation of the rules will be subject to matchmaking restrictions. More severe punishment will also be applied in a timely manner.

Out-of-Game Changes
I. Free Practice Changes
1. Added auto-repair of weapon durability and auto-repair of grappling hooks. These features are enabled by default. They can be disabled in the training ground settings.
2. Added damage statistics. You can reset statistics by resetting training opponents.
3. The interface for trying on outfits has been changed. You can now try on the outfits of heroes that are not currently in the trial period and that you do not own.

II. Search for a team / allies
1. Added the ability to quickly join.
2. On the main screen, “Create a party” has been changed to “Find an ally” and allows you to go directly to the team search page.

III. Reputation Point Changes
1. Reputation deduction for leaving the game at the last stage of the countdown during preparation increased from 1.5 to 2.
2. Base reputation deduction for leaving the game early increased from 400 to 600 points.

IV. Demo Video
Hero talent demos in Adventure will now play when clicked.
Adventure Changes
I. Combat Changes
Decreased the number of ghostly monsters [Omnia: Hellfire], reduced the damage of the last hit.

II. Enigma Changes
1. Now the head of the monsters is increased only three times. The level of Consciousness of the head of the monsters and the remaining attempts to strengthen will be displayed next to his health and in the information panel on the right.
2. Changed ambient lighting in Enigma mode.
3. Fixed the problem that in Ephemeros, the head of the monsters did not return in time after falling off the cliff.
4. Strengthened the icy wind when activating the signs of the icy wind.

III. Added Adventure Shop
1. Players can obtain the Seal of Adventure through temporary events.
2. Seals can be exchanged for rewards.
3. The range of the Adventure Shop will be updated from time to time.

I. Added setting for visual recoil of ranged weapons
When shooting from a ranged weapon, the screen shakes with different intensity and duration depending on the type of weapon used. Players can choose whether to enable this setting. By default, this option is disabled for all players who have characters.

II. Merging Settings Pages
We have merged management settings and general settings. Now it’s easier to switch between settings pages.

Feature Optimization
I. Client Optimization
Optimized character resource loading process, reduced latency, resulting in smoother gameplay.
(Note: This update will be larger than usual as we have used a more efficient file allocation system for character assets)

II. Outside of Gameplay
1. Optimized the background music when obtaining mythical items in Treasure Pavilion.
2. Videos of Viper Ning Legendary Outfit [Opera Legend: Lady White Snake] and Justina Gu Legendary Outfit [Opera Legend: Lady Green Snake] have been added.

Store Update
I. New Set
1. Feria Shen exclusive set [2674: CyberKisa] has been added. It contains Feria Shen Legendary Outfit [2674: CyberKit], Feria Shen Legendary Accessory [2674: Big Cat], Feria Shen Legendary Accessory [2674: Heart Tail], Feria Shen Epic Hairstyle [Mech Pilot]. The original price of the set: 4400 gold. Current price: 2880 gold.

II. New Discounts
1. Legendary Shen Feria Accessory [2674: Prototype] has been added. (Changes the appearance of the Bronze Mech’s super ability [Mech Massacre] when used.) Original price: 5200 gold. Current price: 3350 gold.
2. Legendary Cathook Skin [2674: Skyclaw 3000] has been added. Initial price: 1200 gold. Current price: 1000 gold
3. Legendary Dual Blade Skin [Gourmet Weapon] has been added. Initial price: 1500 gold. Current price: 1250 gold.
4. Added Feria Shen legendary outfit [2674: CyberKisa]. Initial price: 1800 gold. Current price: 1500 gold.
5. Legendary Shen Feria Accessory [2674: Big Cat] has been added. Initial price: 1200 gold. Current price: 1000 gold.
6. Legendary Feria Shen Accessory [2674: Heart Tail] has been added. Initial price: 900 gold. Current price: 750 gold.
7. Added the epic hairstyle of Feria Shen [Mech Pilot]. Initial price: 500 gold. Current price: 400 gold.
8. Added epic kill announcement [Meow]. Initial price: 300 gold. Current price: 200 gold.
9. Legendary outfit Kurumi [Cloud Fairy]. Initial price: 1800 gold. Current price: 1500 gold.
10. Legendary accessory Kurumi [Mysterious Tanuki]. Initial price: 1200 gold. Current price: 900 gold.

III. End of Sale
1. Akos Legendary Outfit [Hero’s Robe] is now available again at the standard price of 1800 gold.
2. Legendary Glaive Skin [Cloud Swallow Guard] is now available again at the standard price of 1500 gold.
3. The legendary Dual Blade Skin [Scythe of the Simurgh] is now available again at the standard price of 1500 gold.
4. Akos’ legendary trinket [Felt Hat] is now available again at the standard price of 1200 gold.
5. The legendary Tarka Ji [Ignis] hairstyle is now available again at the standard price of 800 gold.
6. The legendary background of Akos [Lord of the Jungle] is now available again at the standard price of 600 gold.
7. The epic trinket Akos [White Tiger Mask] is now available again at the standard price of 400 gold.
8. Wu Chen’s Legendary Outfit [Robe of Incompletion] is now available again at the standard price of 1800 gold.

IV. Ghost Silk Shop Update
1. Added Wu Chen’s Legendary Accessory [Veil of Coin]: 12,000 Ghost Silk.

Bug Fixes
I. Hero-related bugs
1. Fixed a bug where [Sand Whirl] Temulchin sometimes didn’t block enemy bullets.
2. Fixed a bug where the effective time of the Bronze Mech’s explosive strike sometimes did not match the set value.
3. Fixed a bug where an attack that hit a certain part of the Bronze Mech’s back would directly damage the pilot.
4. Fixed a bug due to which the bag could not be closed if certain control effects were applied to you while the bag was open.
5. Fixed a bug due to which the grappling hook could cancel the received stun effect from some attacks and from the collision of weapons.

II. Gameplay Issues
Fixed an issue where a weakness gained from Shadow Corruption would not reset when entering the Yang World.

III. Weapon-related bugs
Fixed an issue where the effect of [Wither Blow (Katana)] could disappear if interrupted beforehand.

IV. Errors related to “Adventure”
Fixed a bug due to which monsters sometimes became invulnerable and returned to the point of their appearance.


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