Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 2.1.3j


Hello, Pathfinders!


Update 2.1.3j has been released. Due to some critical issues, we had to rebuild some of the game resources, which unfortunately increased the patch size to 5 GB. Please pay attention to this if your internet access is restricted.


  • Fixed a bug due to which some spells stopped being cast, for example, healing wounds;
  • Fixed a number of cloak physics issues;
  • Fixed a number of issues in The Last Sarcorian DLC.

If you’re playing with mods, don’t forget to update them before loading your saves!

Carefully! The list of fixes may contain spoilers!



  • Fixed a bug in the Lost Sanctuary where Ulbrig, while staying at the camp, remotely participated in dialogues;
  • When visiting the Frontier for the first time, the party could be transported to Noktikula’s palace. This happened if the Demon Mythic Path quest “Conspiracy in the Shadows” had not yet been completed – the problem has been fixed;
  • Fixed a bug where the vortex from souls inside a cave in the Forest of Forgotten Spirits did not disappear after cleaning from corruption;
  • Fixed rest on the final arena in Enigma;
  • On the path of the Legend, skipping the cut-scene with Iomedai in the Gray Garrison could cause the game to freeze – fixed.


  • The Arushalai quest in chapter 5 could get stuck on the “Talk to Anevia” task if the quest was not completed before going to Iz, and Anevia left Dresen after Iz. The quest will now fail in this situation;
  • During the quest “Once Upon a Time in Alushinirra…” of the mythical path of the demon, after defeating the first gladiator, an autosave was created, after loading which it was impossible to move further along the quest – fixed;
  • If the quest to heal the hunters was not accepted in the “Last Sarcorians” add-on, then it was impossible to cure them, because. treatment did not work – fixed;
  • Book event in “Steps on Ashes” expansion, in which refugees were escaping from the cemetery, did not have an illustration – fixed;
  • When completing the “Common Cause” quest, its results will now be calculated in the dialogue with Irabet, when we announce our readiness to storm the Gray Garrison.


  • Bonuses from Bracers of the Mighty Boar are no longer added to Savage Strike;
  • It will no longer be possible to breed or modify Finnean with the Illusionist Golem.

Classes and Mechanics

  • After the battle with the spirit of the bear, the characters could receive a shock effect that could not be removed – fixed;
  • All constructs are now immune to mind-affecting spells and abilities;
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to continue the quest with pirate maps on the islands in the addition “Treasure of the Midnight Islands”;
  • Fixed a bug due to which some spells stopped being cast, for example, healing wounds;
  • Fixed swordsman saint’s Perfect Strike and Perfect Critical Strike not deactivating when their charges dropped to zero.


  • When rotating the camera, the direction of the compass needle and the display of the camera direction on the map did not match – fixed;
  • Adjusted the comparison of weapons in the inventory;
  • It was impossible to equip Finnean after removing the polymorph effect – fixed;
  • Spells reduced to zero circle by the Perfectly Common Spell metamagic could not be placed on the hotbar when playing with a controller – fixed;
  • Shared Inventory button not working in Illusion Golem UI – Fixed.
  • When playing with a controller and creating a character, graphics elements from previous pages could be displayed on top of his model – fixed;
  • When playing with a controller and opening the difficulty settings window, the player displayed the “Custom” difficulty regardless of which difficulty was actually selected – fixed;
  • When playing with a controller, icons for interacting with puzzles could double up, which made it difficult to solve them – fixed.

Graphic arts

  • Some effects, such as chains and tentacles, could sometimes not be displayed – fixed, much to Ser Allfrey’s horror;
  • Fixed a number of cloak physics issues;
  • Fixed animation of flying Vrocks in Drezen;
  • Commander no longer has active effects in Arushalai’s vision in Ariloo’s Laboratory;
  • Fixed Whelpling having missing textures causing it to turn pink.


  • In the fourth chapter, if you invite Deyran to spend time together in the Nexus, the shapeshifter character could lose the ability to transform – fixed;
  • The shapeshifters were uncomfortable holding the mug of beer with their paws, so they will now revert to their original form to celebrate the victory at the end of Chapter 1;
  • The romance dialogue with Zosiel in chapter 5 was interrupted ahead of schedule if the evil mythical path was chosen, and if during the previous dialogue the player chose non-romantic answer options – fixed;
  • In the license agreement, the wrong path to OGL was specified – fixed;
  • Under certain circumstances, the dialogue with Paralictor Aminas Rent could be interrupted – fixed.


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