Sasta Atta in Pakistan

Sasta Atta in Pakistan


Atta, also known as wheat flour, is a staple food item in Pakistan, consumed by people from all walks of life. It is an essential ingredient in many traditional Pakistani dishes, such as roti, naan, paratha, and puri. Due to its high demand, the price of atta can significantly impact the cost of living for many people.

In recent years, Pakistan has experienced a rise in the cost of living, and atta prices have also seen an increase. However, to address this issue, the government of Pakistan has introduced a subsidized flour scheme called “Sasta Ata” or “Cheap Flour.”

Under this scheme, the government provides atta at a subsidized rate to the people of Pakistan. The aim is to ensure that everyone has access to this essential food item at an affordable price. The government distributes atta to various outlets across the country, including utility stores, shops, and markets. The price of the subsidized atta is significantly lower than the market price, making it accessible to low-income households.

The Sasta Ata scheme has been beneficial for many Pakistanis, particularly those who cannot afford to purchase atta at market prices. The scheme has also helped to stabilize the cost of living in the country, as atta is a crucial component of the Pakistani diet.

However, the Sasta Ata scheme has not been without its challenges. Some consumers have reported that the quality of the subsidized atta is inferior to that of the market atta. There have also been reports of corruption in the distribution of the subsidized atta, with some outlets selling it at higher prices.

Despite these challenges, the Sasta Ata scheme remains an important initiative by the Pakistani government to ensure that everyone has access to an essential food item. The scheme is a step towards reducing food insecurity and ensuring that every Pakistani can afford to feed themselves and their families.

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