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SCUM – Development Update #47

SCUM - Development Update #47

With the prisoners of Monday! We have a developer update for you and some news from the SCUM League! Check it!

  • Object system update.
  • We are working on reworking the loot.
  • We are working on a culinary makeover.
  • Code review.
  • Error correction.
  • Working on server settings.
  • We are working on finalizing sentry.
  • The prototype of the hunting alteration has been completed.
  • We are working on the electricity and gas system.
  • We are working on blocking the BCU.
  • We are working on the smoking function.
  • Revamping loot creators.
  • Setting up the UE blueprints for the abandoned city POI.
  • We are working on the building of the Palace of Culture.
  • We work on the platforms of an abandoned city.
  • The building of the police station is completed.
  • We are working on a new trailer.
  • Creating textures for new male models.
  • We are working on new user interface elements.
  • We are working on new culinary products.
  • Adaptation of the tractor to the modular system of vehicles.
  • We customize clothes for new male models.
  • Working on the SKS animation
  • Fix audio issues after mixing.
  • We are working on a new sound design for sentry.
  • Hunting to remake the audio.
  • Adjusting the sound in the atmosphere of samobor.
  • Hunting and prohibition of cheaters.
  • Prohibit appeals.
  • General Steam discussion and bug reports.
  • Benchmarking performance and optimization testing.
  • Testing new features.
  • Various error messages.
  • Working on game design documents with new features.
  • Setting up new descriptions and spawners.

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