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Slime Rancher 2 – Patch 0.2.1 Notes

Slime Rancher 2 - Patch 0.2.1 Notes

Update 0.2.1 of Slime Rancher 2 focuses mainly on fixing bugs with a bonus new deco gadget. The team is hard at work on future content updates for Slime Rancher 2, so please stay tuned!

Changes in Slime Rancher 2 – patch 0.2.1
: New gadget Frozen Flame deco

  • Blueprint added to new treasure slot in Powderfall Bluffs
  • Can be created in the constructor

Fixes: World

  • Adjusted aurora platform colors in Powderfall Bluffs
  • Adjusted Sun Sap asset size in Powderfall Bluffs
  • Fixed issues with resource node placement in Powderfall Bluffs
  • Steam FX visual bugs fixed
  • Added SFX options spring water splash (smaller splashes)
  • Fixed flickering issues that occurred when entering certain caves (these were pictures of Bea Plortparazzi and we asked them to stop)
  • Fixed gaps in the world model, missing collisions and LODs

User interface

  • Correction of typos when copying and translating
  • Changed the text size of Slimepedia in Russian to match the font size in other languages
  • Fixed a font that was not displayed in Russian on gadget screens
  • Added coastline for Powderfall cliffs on the map
  • Updated loading screen image to accommodate ultra-wide screens (32:9)
  • Removed additional SFX clicks on some option buttons
  • Updated privacy policy in game url
  • Separate SFX sounds for ‘select’ and ‘change’ actions in the options screens


  • Fixed idle animation bugs on some slugs
  • Fixed slime parts not connected to the body of some slugs (damn)
  • Fixed tarrs becoming invisible when chewed
  • Fixed bugs not disappearing in scenario groups resulting in a lot of bugs present in overtime game
  • Fixed Hunter Largo Cotton not going wild when hungry
  • Fixed ringtail largos going wild when hungry
  • Fixed fire slime disappearing after fast forwarding time
  • The science
  • Fixed that the hot tub cooldown could reset after getting an item
  • Fixed the crafting cost of newbucks for the Golden Angler statue
  • Fixed player interaction with Saber Gordo teleporter
  • Move location flags from the Decorations category to the Utilities category in the constructor


  • Fixed NullReferenceError error messages
  • Changed VFX “resource harvest” to reduce photosensitivity discomfort
  • Remove flash when playing ancient teleporter activation VFX
  • Updated Plort Market logic to refresh after game save

As always, thanks to our active community for your continued support! We hope you’re enjoying the winter wonders of Powderfall Bluffs and having a couple of snowball fights. We’re currently finalizing, but stay tuned for what’s coming next in Slime Rancher 2.

Stay twisty!

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