Stellaris: Update 3.8.4



  • A number of leader traits have been rebalanced: some general and governor traits that previously encouraged leaders to move from planet to planet have become council traits or their modifiers have been changed to prevent this. Resource production traits now require the leader to be at least level 2 in order to get level one.
  • Empire Size is now floor 50 and thus can no longer be negative.
  • Increased the effectiveness of large fleet bombardments.
  • The base rate at which raider bombardment steals population has been significantly reduced. Each army present on the planet will also protect 2 settlements from being vulnerable to raider bombardment. (Raider bombing always fails to steal the last population of a colony)
  • Political power has been renormalized from living standards and reduced base faction unity gain to better match intended unity production. The Shared Burden civic no longer increases the base unity of the egalitarian faction, as this benefit now counts towards their standard of living.
  • Consecutive end game crises now get +2 Strength multiplier instead of +1.5.
  • Khan now has the terrifying traits of an admiral.
  • The Defender of the Galaxy opinion modifier now only affects normal, non-fallen/awakened empires capable of independent diplomacy.
  • Colonists now increase planet build speed by 10% instead of building defensive armies.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the AI ​​to hire a governor without having a planet to assign it to.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the AI ​​to hire scientists without having science ships to assign them to.

Error correction

  • The Broken Shackles Origin “Homesickness” event no longer knocks affected populations into the void.
  • Adjusted the width of the chat entries in the MP lobby so they don’t overlap the scrollbar.
  • Council agenda costs are now affected by Empire Size Effect modifiers.
  • The Cyborg Common Trait now adds +2 combat width as indicated in the tooltip.
  • Empires with Under One Ruler origins no longer ignore the original 20-year state reform recovery period.
  • The Flocks of Cloud Federation project should no longer hang in the event log indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where you could be prevented from re-using Operation Beacon of Crisis – after the intended 4-year block period – if said Operation was aborted after confirming its purpose.
  • Fixed duplicate tradition names in French.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Imperial Heirs to not have the initial leader trait.
  • Fixed an issue where pending move orders from a system with a FTL Inhibitor were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed randomly generated empires with civic models locked from DLC.
  • Fixed randomly generated species having DLC-locked traits.
  • Fixed randomly generated species having invalid combinations of stats and climate preferences.
  • Fixed a bug that caused randomly generated species to not have enough traits if they have traits (such as aquatics) that are required for something else.
  • Fixed an issue where the bonus leader trait from Ability Traditions did not apply to Imperial Heirs.
  • Fixed tooltip for Beacon of Liberty and Fanatic Purifiers to mention that they are incompatible with Crusader Spirit.
  • Imperial Heirs are excluded from Orb effects.
  • Imperial heirs who are generals or admirals in empires with prominent admiralties now receive a +2 bonus to their starting level.
  • Invalid civics will be removed when changing permissions via the One Rule event.
  • Leaders excluded from upkeep cost now correctly produce resources.
  • The Pharma State Civil Project is now properly blocked by Payback and Broken Shackles.
  • Removed DLC blocking for some faction requirements that were introduced in 3.8.
  • Set the AI ​​weight for council reorganization to 0.
  • Abyss Mega Corps with Pharma State Civil Society now correctly replace their starting holo-theaters with a gene clinic unless they also have a permanent job (in which case it is replaced by an employment center).
  • The combat form no longer has the synthesizer trait and has a second level of the skirmisher trait.


  • Imperial heirs are now 10 years younger than normal leaders of the same species. Starting imperial rulers are now 15 years older than regular leaders of the same species.
  • Imperial Heirs who receive bonus starting levels now have selectable traits for those levels for owners of Galactic Paragons.
  • Imperial rulers and heirs now have a 5% chance to start with a negative trait and an additional positive trait. Civic “Philosopher King” refutes this.


  • Fixed leader portrait being cut in the level up window.
  • Fixed the position of the Speech To Text button in the multiplayer lobby.
  • Fixed MP lobby chat text width for large fonts and text-to-speech.
  • If a player in your co-op group adds a leader trait when you have the level up window open and there are no more traits to add, they will show the last choice.
  • The frame of the planet occupation icon has been reworked.
  • Selecting a ship by clicking on it will now ignore its bounding box if it has a collision mesh.


  • The empire size string now uses actual definitions instead of localized numbers for its message.
  • Made it possible to set which leader portrait container to use for each new portrait location.
  • The reload_gui console command has become more stable.


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