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The Division 2 Won’t Have PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Versions

The Division 2 Won't Have PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Versions

If you’ve been waiting for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of The Division 2 , unfortunately we can’t give you good news. At least for now this is not the case. Statements made by creative director Yannick Banchereau are in our news.

We learned that Ubisoft’s content support for The Division 2 will continue, with the start time of the new year announced last week and the content details of the seasons. Another question mark in our minds as players is whether the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions will come.

The Division 2 received the current generation update in February of 2021. In other words, it is possible to play with 60 FPS fluency in 4K resolution, but for example, it will be a pleasure to play with the tactile feedback and adaptive triggers of the DualSense arm. Unfortunately, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have not been working on this issue.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Versions of The Division 2 Not Planned

During a recent interview with creative director Yannick Banchereau by MP1st, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of The Division 2 will not be available for sale. The reason for this was to stop supporting the previous generation consoles in order to take advantage of the current generation consoles to the fullest. At this point, considering how wide the player base on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles is, the developer has also taken a step back .

“This is highly unlikely. Because if we wanted to take full advantage of those consoles, since we would have the only version of the game available on all platforms, taking advantage of those consoles to the full would mean that the game would not be available on old generation consoles. We still have too many players on all generation consoles and we are not ready to leave them behind and ask them to upgrade. Right now, we’re trying to ensure that every time we add something new, it’s still running fluently in the old generation.”

So what do you think about this decision? Would you like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of The Division 2 to be released? Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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