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Unturned: Update [25.03.23]

Unturned: Update [25.03.23]

List of changes:

  • Gameplay configuration for 3rd person recoil and spread multipliers.


  • Holding down the primary/secondary input will trigger the element’s action as soon as possible.
  • Allow mass remapping of material index/palette in the editor.



Surround sound is never played if the audio channel limit was reached during download.

  • Exception when uploading rejected volumes to a dedicated server.
  • Garbage generated on the server when filtering matching connections for RPC.
  • Partial fix for fire spam placeholder, however rate of fire is still slower than full auto.
  • Items fall through narrow gaps when using raycast rather than spherical broadcast. [Thank you Ghosticollis!]
  • Masterkey vertical alignment when aiming. [Thanks MediumPlayer!]
  • Remove the warning for objects with an obsolete ID as it is not being used. [Thanks LocoCZ!]
  • Valentine’s quest condition was applied to the incorrect dialogue of the Secret Admirer’s note. [Thanks GG_Gabr!]
  • Various visual fixes for Washington. [Thanks AdamDN and Firecynical!]
  • There is no distance check to save barricades/structures. [Thank you Ghosticollis!]
  • The radius of detection of zombies in the prone position was too small for a new collision. [Thanks JimmyDeluxe0 and Ms.Yawhaw!]

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