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War Thunder Update

War Thunder Update


  • RN Duilio – The model of gun turrets has been fixed.


  • Fw 189 A-1 – The gunner model has been fixed.

armored vehicles

  • Gun Carrier (3-in) – The armor of the front part of the cabin has been fixed.
  • Type 10 – The armor of the gunner’s optics has been fixed.
  • TKX – The armor of the tank hull has been fixed.
  • leKPz M41 – The armor of the turret shoulder strap has been fixed.
  • Leopard 2A4, Leopard 2 (PzBtl 123), Strv 121, Leopard 2 PL, Leopard 2A4 (Fin) – Turret armor has been fixed, gunner position has been fixed.
  • ZTZ99-III – Driver’s hatch armor has been fixed.
  • ZTZ96, ZTZ96A, ZTZ96A (P) – The armor of the commander’s cupola has been fixed.
  • SARC MkIVa – Wheel rotation animation has been fixed.


  • Fixed a bug due to which the sounds of tracks of enemy / allied ground vehicles were often muffled or sounded too quiet.
  • The sound conditions for enemy/allied ground vehicle engines have been adjusted so that they sound, if possible, with maximum priority over other sounds.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the sounds of enemy / allied engines sometimes sounded distorted.
  • Improved the sound clarity of the tracks and engines of enemy/allied vehicles.
  • Improved the sound clarity of enemy/allied aircraft engines.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the volume of the radio click accompanying the start of radio messages to the team did not match the volume of these messages set in the game settings.

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