WARNO: Update v.98444



  • The completion menu now displays customizable conclusion text.
  • A new operation has been added: Twilight of the Gods.
  • Fixed AI behavior at the end of the game in Operation Kitzingen Ploy.
  • Two variations of the SU-24M (clu/nplm) have been added to the IA battle group to make it more dangerous from above, and to give a wider range of possible counter-uses for the player’s aircraft.
  • Added a slight delay before IA starts attacking player positions to make AA’s target feel less unfair.
  • Minor tweaks to IA resources.


  • Fixed a display bug in the “Deployment” tutorial.

Code fixes

  • Fixed display of transparent infantry in vehicles
  • Fixed display of unit carcasses when they are destroyed by selecting them
  • Fixed some weapons freezing when reloading.
  • Fixed display of aircraft progress indicator.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pressing the resell button on a unit while it was self-reselling.
  • Fixed a rare case in multiplayer where planes would get stuck en route.
  • Fixed traits that could activate when deploying a unit that wasn’t already on the map.
  • Increased stun threshold
  • Helicopter crash survivors under severe stress
  • Fixed an issue where a black square would sometimes appear on the map or with FX.
  • The smoke from the car goes only along the front arc
  • Fixed an enemy aircraft bug that caused the strike line to be triggered by ground units.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to activate a line with a ghost unit that was not yet on the map.


  • Addition of 2 new divisions: 119 opt (Pact) and 11 acre (NATO)


  • Shock Power now has an icon and deals 50% more damage to the enemy.
  • The range of strike vehicles and IFVs has been updated to around 300m in-game.
  • Added weapon icons GBU 27 and KAB 1500kr
  • Adding a timer to the score track showing the remaining time before the player saves or loses.


  • Fixed roland 3 price bug, now it is 135 points on par with french version.
  • Increased the speed of the MARDER 1A2 MILAN from 59 to 63 km/h, at the level of the “vanilla” MARDER 1A2.



  • The cost of the SU-24M [CLU2] has been increased from 230 to 260.
  • Added icon for the ZiS-2 cannon
  • Added IFV trait for RAZV. BMP-1P and AUFKL. BMP-1
  • Increased SU-25 [CLU] from 170 to 190.
  • AMX-13/90 reduced from 65 to 60.
  • The price of SPW-40P2 KONKURS has been reduced from 85 to 75, similar to the Soviet counterpart.
  • The name of the 2S3 cannon has been changed from 2A36 to 2A33.
  • Increased ammo capacity for 2S3 AKACIA from 29 to 45.





  • Excluded SU-24M [CLU] from the division.
  • Added Su-24M [CLU2]
  • Excluded T-62M1 from the division.
  • Removed all T-80U and T-80UD from the division.
  • Added new T-80BV Ed. 29 (faster than T-80BV with better ATGM)
  • The base availability of the T-80BV “Beast” has been increased from 4 to 6, similar to the T-80BV.

3 AD



  • Removed LRS from division


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