Way of the Hunter Update 1.23


(PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S) Version 1.23 (Build: 101614) Patch Notes:

  • Fixed: Stuttering when looking through the crosshair with hunter sense enabled.
  • Fixed: Levitating grass in some locations on Aurora Shore and Transylvania.
  • Fixed: Range of sound signals (330 m)
  • Fixed: Sitka deer life cycle graph.
  • Fixed: Aurora Shores campsites are still marked with “?”¬†upon discovery.
  • Fixed: Looping breath hold sound.
  • Fixed (Console): The camera moves in the opposite direction at the start of horizontal rotation.
  • Fix (console): Updated transport control scheme in settings.
  • Fixed (Xbox): Sound was muted, resulting in loud mixing of sounds.
  • Added (PC): DirectX version is set to DX11 by default.
  • Added (Steam): DirectX version selection on game startup (DX11/DX12).

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