What are guilds for in MMORPG Silkroad Online


One of the key mechanics of any self-respecting MMORPG is guilds. Any player strives to get as much benefit as possible, close current dungeons, defeat the most powerful bosses and collect the best things for his character. Given the essence of the genre, it is impossible to achieve your goals alone. Players need to join groups. And the more ambitious the game and the more content it has, the larger the groups needed. And for more convenient coordination of actions, there is a guild mechanic. 


In Russia and the CIS, the concept of “guild” has become almost sacred. They have long grown into something more than just an association of random people under a common tag. In the golden era of MMORPGs, the largest Russian gaming communities were known to the whole world. They were feared, respected and rivaled by Western guilds. 

MMORPG Silkroad Online is no exception to the general rules of the genre. Guilds in this game allow gamers to form a group in order to achieve common goals and objectives. In addition, the opportunity to find new friends and girlfriends is also important. The history of the genre knows many examples when, thanks to acquaintances in the game, couples were created in the real world and weddings were played. The social aspect is just as important as the tactical one. 

How exactly can a guild help in the MMORPG Silkroad Online?

Let’s figure it out. First of all, I would single out raids on unique monsters. These mobs are a source of experience, as well as rare and expensive items. Serious guilds put such monsters on farm, determining the time of their respawn. In addition, defeating such monsters raises your fame among other players. 

The second important reason to join a guild is the robbery of trade caravans. This is one of the key mechanics in the game, allowing you to significantly enrich yourself on the unlucky poor fellows who did not bother to provide decent protection for their goods. 


What are guilds for in MMORPG Silkroad Online

No less important is the possibility of exchanging gold between guild members. This is much more profitable than trading on the side, and few beginners are aware of this. A guildmate can always make a solid discount on a thing he doesn’t need, or even just give it to you. And then you will please him like that. 

And by itself, another reason appears – the protection of their trade caravans. The played group will not leave a chance for chaotically attacking thieves. If the guild is really friendly, this gives many advantages to all participants. 


How to create a guild? 

The ability to create your own guild in Silkroad Online appears when the hero reaches level 20 of development. The second important factor is the presence of 500,000 gold in your pockets – this is a lot of money at the start of the game. Approaching any NPC with the name “Guild Master”, you make an entry fee, choose a name and emblem, and from that moment you become a leader. Now you can accept new members. The guild master can also lead the guild wars, manage the warehouse, and perform other administration tasks. 

At the first level, a maximum of 10 people can be in the guild. Therefore, for growth it is necessary to expand the organization. In addition, the higher the level of the tag, the more bonuses and opportunities it opens up.

For any active actions that are useful for the guild, guild points (OG) will be added to the general treasury. When they reach 100%, you will be able to raise the tag rank. Of course, if you have enough money for this, already the second rank (limit – 20 people) requires three million gold and 5400 OG to increase. For the third level (limit – 25 people) you need 50,500 OG and nine million gold, for the fourth (35 people) – 135,000 OG and 15 million, and for the fifth (50 people) – 378,000 OG and 21 million gold coins. As you may have guessed, expanding the guild will not work quickly, and this requires the friendly work of all community members. 

What are guilds for in MMORPG Silkroad Online

If a responsible and purposeful player has become the leader of the guild, then such a tag will grow rich and develop quickly. But it happens that people can stop playing Silkroad Online for some reason . And for some time the guild will be without control. It’s good if the GL enters the game and independently transfers the reins of power to another player, but what if he is no longer online? 

The game mechanic of impeachment allows you to change the leader if he has not been in the game for 45 days. In this case, any member of the community applies for a replacement from a special NPC. After that, there is a vote among the guild members and the choice of a new leader. For a candidate to be approved, more than 60% of the players who log into the game for more than seven days in a row must vote for the candidate. 


You may think that this procedure takes a very long time. Yes, this is true, but keep in mind that the development of the community takes a long time, and it is far from always more profitable to create a new guild if the leader has left the game. 

Union system

An alliance system is a group of guilds (there can be a maximum of eight) that can communicate together in an alliance chat. Given that the number of members of one guild is limited, creating alliances between communities can be a very profitable enterprise. 


What are guilds for in MMORPG Silkroad Online

In each guild, only seven people have the right to chat, but this right is not permanent and can be transferred between guild members. To organize an alliance, it is necessary that the organizing guild be at level 5 of development. And to join the union, you need to raise the second level of the tag.  


Fortress siege

This is exactly the same war between the guilds, which was already mentioned earlier. According to the structure of the fortress, they resemble cities. They also have various structures to protect against enemy attacks. Naturally, the attacking side can destroy them in order to facilitate their assault. 

Sieges take place once a week, and applications for participation are accepted in any city. Allied guilds can also take part in the battle by submitting an application. After two hours of the event, the winner is determined. The side that was able to occupy the fortress in a responsible time wins. As a reward, the tag receives various goodies, such as guild summoning scrolls, blessings, and even a full-fledged dungeon in his fortress. This is not the whole list of prizes. 

Guild Shop

When a guild reaches the third level, it becomes possible to make purchases of unique goods in the guild store. Which in turn will make the community much stronger and more powerful. Any member of the guild can use the shop, but it should be borne in mind that restrictions may be imposed on some types of goods and only the head can purchase them. 

What are guilds for in MMORPG Silkroad Online


Mercenary system

During a guild war, the head can spend part of the treasury funds to recruit mercenaries. These are non-player characters that have quite powerful combat characteristics and are able to make a solid contribution to the cause of victory against enemies. 

Mercenaries are recruited in the guild shop. Guild points and gold are spent on their call. The number of warriors that can be summoned is limited in accordance with the level of the guild – at the third it is one fighter, at the fourth there are already three, and at the fifth the limit is increased to six mercenaries. 

Alas, the mercenaries come only for a short time, so their call must be accurately calculated. After 20 minutes, they will leave the battlefield, and it will not work to call them again. 

In terms of characteristics, mercenaries are generally superior to average players and have higher power indicators in accordance with the summoned class (mages are strong in magic, warriors are strong in physical attack and defense). Mages do more damage than warriors, but they have less hit points. 

It is worth considering that mercenaries attack living opponents of the head of the guild, but do not attack monsters. They follow the leader and attack enemies within a certain area. All experience gained is credited to the leader who summoned the mercenaries. 

In addition, the guild leader can teach mercenaries additional skills that will be related to passive skills, such as increasing defensive abilities and damage resistance, increasing attack power and physical / magical damage, increasing health, and the like. 

That, perhaps, is all that we would like to talk about the possibilities of guilds in the MMORPG Silkroad Online . As you can see, tags in this game require a very serious attitude, if, of course, you want to achieve at least something serious. After all, if you’re going to play alone, then why did you choose this genre? 

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