What documents are needed to apply for life insurance?


Classical life insurance is financial protection in case of injury, illness, disability or death. You simply draw up a policy, and if something happens to you, you receive an insurance payment. We tell you what documents are needed to apply for insurance and receive an insurance payment, and also reveal the secret of how to insure life and receive a payment, even if an insured event has not occurred.


Life insurance

In most cases, when we talk about life insurance, we mean accident insurance. This is indeed one of the most popular policies that are issued, for example, to participate in competitions, make risky trips, or even work in potentially hazardous industries. Such a policy will allow you to receive a payment if an insured event occurs.

Risk insurance protects against:

  • traffic accidents;
  • air and railway accidents;
  • fires and explosions;
  • electric shock or lightning;
  • exposure to poisons and chemicals;
  • animal bites;
  • criminal attacks;
  • other external influences.

In addition to accident insurance, you can also additionally protect yourself against critical illnesses. Such a policy is not associated with sudden events due to which health has suffered. This is financial protection in case of serious illnesses: oncology, heart attacks, strokes and other life-threatening pathologies.

To obtain insurance from the documents, only the passport of the insured person is required. You can apply for a policy at the office of the insurance company or on the website.


Policy payments are not automatic. To receive compensation for treatment, rehabilitation after illness or other purposes, you need to collect the following documents that will confirm the damage caused to health:

  • an application for an insurance payment;
  • a copy of the passport of the insured (for persons under 18 years of age – a copy of the birth certificate);
  • a copy of the insurance contract (policy);
  • a copy of the loan agreement, if the policy was issued for a mortgage or loan;
  • receipt of payment of the insurance premium;
  • bank details for transferring funds;
  • medical documents from a medical institution (discharge summary, extract from a medical record, a copy of a medical record, a copy of a sick leave).

The documents must be certified by the signature of the doctor and the seal of the medical institution. If you got into an accident, were attacked or suffered as a result of natural disasters – all this also needs to be confirmed. You will need certificates from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations or other structures in charge of the consequences of these incidents.

Each certificate has its own form, and institutions will issue it to you without any problems. Payments are also processed quite quickly: the decision to recognize the case as insured is made within 15 days, the insurance payment is transferred within 7 working days from the date of the decision.


How to insure life and get a guaranteed payout

There are two more types of insurance where life insurance is included. This is investment and endowment insurance, with which you can protect not only yourself, but also your money.

Investment life insurance is an opportunity to receive income from the placement of assets on the stock exchange without the risk of losing them. You choose a strategy, a term and just wait for your money to generate income. And if, for example, stocks fall sharply, you will receive all your investments without loss. The insurance company protects your funds and guarantees their return.


Cumulative life insurance is a great option for those who want to:

  • get guaranteed income quickly;
  • keep your money from the claims of third parties.

Here you can find the Smart Plus endowment life insurance program , which allows you to increase capital without long-term investment.

How it works? It’s simple:

  • conclude an agreement (for registration you need only a passport);
  • make an investment (from 100 thousand to 3 million rubles);
  • after 3 months you take your savings and additional income.

By the way, the contract under the Smart Plus program can be terminated ahead of schedule: if you change your mind, for example, in a month, you can withdraw your money and even a certain percentage income – everything is fair.


Both accumulative and investment insurance implies the protection of the life of the insured for the entire period of the contract.

And yet, while the ILI or NSZh programs are in effect, your money cannot be taken away by bailiffs or, for example, by a former spouse when dividing property – this is an additional plus.

Therefore, if you want to protect your life, remember that in addition to classic insurance, there are other profitable options.



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